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Key Issues You Should Consider When Providing a Reference

What are the key issues a business should consider before providing a reference for an employee or former employee? Types of reference A business is most likely to be asked to provide a reference for a prospective employer, although it could be asked to give one in other circumstances (for example, a financial reference for…

Holiday Entitlement and Pay – Your Questions Answered

Q: What is an employee’s minimum holiday entitlement per year? A: The Working Time Regulations (“WTR”) provide for an annual entitlement of 5.6 weeks’ annual leave. Based on a standard Monday to Friday working week, this would be an entitlement of 28 days. Q: Can bank holidays be included in the minimum statutory entitlement? A:…

TUPE: A Short Overview for Small Businesses

What is TUPE? The immediate answer that springs to mind is ‘a nightmare’, but in fact ‘TUPE’ stands for the Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) Regulations 2006. The regulations are intended to safeguard employees’ rights on the transfer of a business. TUPE introduced three basic concepts into UK employment law: The automatic transfer principle…

Have you been bitten in the workplace?

For those of you who have children, we’ve all been there. Whichever playgroup you go to, there will always be one or two children that spoil it for others, whether it’s the tantrum toddler, the toy snatcher, or the bossy boisterous child. But there is one child above all others that no-one will tolerate (even…

Disciplinary investigations: an employee’s choice of companion

Earlier this year, Acas amended its non-statutory guidance to make it clear that businesses can allow workers to be accompanied to a disciplinary hearing by companions who are not trade union representatives or work colleagues. It did not amend the Code as it did not wish to create a burden on employers, but clearly employers…

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