Employees Beware! Facebook Abuse Can Cost You Your Job!

Anyone tempted to vent their feelings against their employer on the Internet should take careful note of a recent case in which a canal worker was sacked after using a string of offensive expletives to describe his supervisors on Facebook. The man was unaware that his Facebook account had been hacked and his Private setting...

Not Enough Money to Go Round after Divorce? Dependants Take Priority

In a large number of divorce cases in which there is insufficient money to go round, the courts will almost always prioritise the needs of dependants, particularly children. Exactly that happened in one case in which a wife who gave up her career to devote herself to childcare was awarded about 90 per cent of...

High Quality Conveyancing Really Does Matter

  In a case which underlined the importance of high-calibre conveyancing, residents of a 17th century mansion which had been partitioned into smaller dwellings ended up in dispute a generation later over ownership of an attic room which was no bigger than a standard garden shed. Due to a quirk in the property’s layout which...

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