Practical tips on providing a reference

There is no legal obligation to give a former employee a reference, albeit, the vast majority of organisations will do so in some shape or form. Many employers tend only to provide factual references, confirming the employee’s job title, length of service, salary and reason for leaving, regardless of what the reference request may ask...

Askews Mannequin challenge

A big thank you to 7Video for filming Askews Mannequin challenge. I hope you all enjoyed our light-hearted video and meeting some of our team!!   Askews Legal LLP - Solicitors Coventry.

Works Christmas Party: Punch Ups and overly friendly colleagues. Can conduct outside of work warrant a fair dismissal?

With the much anticipated works Christmas party just around the corner, it is important that employers consider what constitutes inappropriate behaviour outside the workplace, to ensure that it adopts a consistent approach which is communicated to the workforce in advance. Case law evidences that it is potentially fair for an employer to dismiss an employee...

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