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Cybercrime – “Friday afternoon fraud”– how to safeguard against property fraud by Pritpal Chahal

  A new wave of cybercrime is targeting residential conveyancing transactions. Fraudsters are aggressively targeting law firms that handle property transactions due to the large sums of money involved. The SRA have reported that in the past 12 months, three quarters of cybercrime have been a type of “Friday afternoon” fraud. Friday’s are the most…

Tougher speeding laws are on the way in 2017

New sentencing guidelines for magistrates will mean higher penalties for drivers who commit the most serious speeding offences. Fines will start from 150% of their weekly income for motorists caught travelling above the speed limit. This a significant increase from the previous level of 100% of their weekly earnings. The new speeding fine rules will…


2017 will see some changes in Employment Law. How will they affect you?

Mandatory gender pay gap reporting The most significant change will be the mandatory gender pay gap reporting. To address the pay gap between women and men, draft regulations have been published which, will come into force in April 2017, subject to parliamentary approval. The extent to which this will affect companies will dependant on their…

The 2021 Club – Coventry City of Culture Bid

Askews Legal LLP and Askews Accountants are proud to announce that they joined the 2021 Club. It is essential that businesses in Coventry support the bid to become UK City of Culture in 2021. The donation from Askews helps pay towards the bid. David Burbidge, chair of the Coventry City of Culture Trust, said: “There…

Employment law – what to expect in 2017 at a glance

Hot topics Given that a substantial amount of domestic employment law is derived from Europe, including the Working Time Regulations (holiday entitlement, rest breaks, limit on the 48 hour working week) and the TUPE Regulations (protecting employees’ rights when the organisation or service they work for transfers to a new employer), Brexit remains a focal…

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