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Employment Law, Legal Privilege exposed – Employment Solicitors in Coventry

  Privilege entitles a party to withhold evidence from production to a third party or the court. Such evidence may be either written or oral. The purpose of legal privilege is to enable a client to place unrestricted confidence in their Solicitor.   Types of Privilege Privilege cannot be claimed unless the evidence in question…

New EPC rules for 2018 by Pritpal Chahal

At present, Landlords are required to obtain new Energy Performance Certificates (EPC) every 10 years. The Energy Efficiency Rating is measured by a rating system ranging from A to G. ‘A’ being very energy efficient with lower running costs and ‘G’ meaning the property is not energy efficient and consequently may have higher running costs….

Who is Responsible for Managing Asbestos in Your Commercial Property?

This is a common question from both landlords and tenants when a new lease is to be entered into and it is usual for tenants to insist on seeing an asbestos survey before entering into a new lease. Regulation 4 of the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 (Regulations) imposes a duty to manage asbestos risk…

Top Tips for Dealing with Tenants – Landlord Solicitors in Coventry

Terrible tenants can make your job as a landlord extremely difficult. Therefore, it is important for you to manage the landlord-tenant relationship effectively to ensure you are able to deal with problems as and when they arise. We have put together this list of 5 Top Tips to help you manage any sticky situations you…

Japanese Knotweed – down the root by Pritpal Chahal

It is a common question that is raised with a seller when they are selling their property; is the property affected by Japanese Knotweed? Most sellers will reply ‘No’ to this question without giving it a thought to thoroughly inspect within the boundaries of their property. The facts Japanese Knotweed is a non-native invasive species…

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