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Commercial Underleases Explained

Potential undertenants need to understand the nature of their interest and the implications this has for their liability as a whole. What is an underlease? An underlease is a lease that is not granted by a freehold owner but by a person who is, himself, a tenant, it is a lease which is granted out…

A step too far – has entertainment become a substitute for compassion?

ITV’s popular Jeremey Kyle Show which has been running for 14 years has been hastily axed following the recent suicide of a guest, just a week after filming the show. There have been calls by various individuals, including Politicians, for a review of the duty of care that TV companies owe to participants that appear…

Taking your child abroad when you are separated

Askews Legal LLP are specialist Divorce and Family Law Solicitors in Coventry, your one stop shop for all round Family Law advice. As we approach the holiday period you may be planning on taking your child abroad for a well-earned break. However, did you know that, if you are separated, there could be repercussions when…

Tweet in haste, repent at leisure: A lesson for Danny Baker

The BBC 5 Live Presenter Danny Baker has recently been sacked by the BBC over a picture he tweeted depicting a couple holding hands with a chimpanzee dressed in clothes along with the caption: “Royal Baby leaves hospital”. Danny Baker deleted the tweet and accepted that the same was a mistake and grotesque. However, he…

Mental health matters in the workplace: Rome was not built in a day

This week is Mental Health Awareness week and mental health is now increasingly high on the political agenda. According to mental health charity Mind, right now, 1 in 6 workers are dealing with a mental health problem. Many individuals find that going to work has a positive effect on their mental health. It can create…

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