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Energy performance certificate

Do I need an Energy Performance Certificate for my Commercial Property?

An Energy Performance Certificate (EPC), rates how energy efficient a building is using a rating system of A-G (A being the most efficient a building can be). In most circumstances, an EPC will be required but there are exceptions to this. When do I need an EPC? You must have an EPC in the following…

What is Parental Responsibility, who has it and how to obtain it

Parental Responsibility is a legal term which means: “all the rights, duties, powers, responsibilities and authority which by law a parent of a child has in relation to the child and his property.” Parental Responsibility bestows legal rights in respect of a child to an individual who can then make decisions in relation to schooling,…

Conduct and Cost Orders in Family Proceedings

The current court process for families to achieve a financial remedy order (a final order which sets out how the matrimonial assets should be shared during a divorce) follows the principle that there should be no cost orders awarded unless one party to the proceedings has behaved badly within those proceedings. Generally, bad behaviour would…

How to redeem a Help to Buy equity loan when you sell your property

Completing on the purchase of a property with a Help to Buy Equity Loan does not mean you are free from all the additional paperwork involved. A Help to Buy Equity Loan will need to be redeemed on the sale of a property, just like any other mortgage or personal loan, which has been secured….

Pet Rent: When tenancy agreements become the dog’s dinner

When the first Atomic Bomb was about to be detonated in the New Mexico desert, no one was quite sure what would happen. Enrico Fermi, the Italian physicist, even speculated it might ignite the atmosphere. That the Tenant Fees Act, introduced only a few months ago, has produced the Pet Rent saga. It isn’t quite…

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