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Reservation Agreements

Reservation Agreements – could they pave the way to easier conveyancing?

Much has always been made of the precarious white-knuckled ride of English and Welsh conveyancing. When transactions become abortive (and current government statistics indicate about a third do) sellers and buyers are left high and dry, out of pocket, their life plans on hold. In other legal systems – Canada, Europe and closer to home,…

Separated parents - A child's perspective

Separated parents – A child’s perspective

In situations where a child or young person is unable to live with one or both of their parents, the arrangements for the child or young person to spend time with the non-resident parent can often be a source of conflict. As far as the Courts are concerned, the paramount consideration in its decisions is…

Eviction ban extended


The government has once again extended the ban on tenant evictions, which was previously due to come to end on the 21st February 2021, until at least 31st March 2021. Whilst the ban on evictions has been extended, it is important to note that this does not prevent a landlord from issuing possession proceedings, subject…

Uber and employment status

Hot off the press: Uber and employment status

A long running legal battle has finally come to an end today in the case of Uber BV and others v Aslam and others. In this landmark case, the UK’s Supreme Court have ruled that Uber must treat its drivers as workers, not self-employed individuals. The decision will no doubt have a knock-on effect on…

Marriage laws in England and Wales

Marriage Laws in England and Wales Out of Date – Law Commission

Currently, In England and Wales, legally recognised weddings can only take place in a church or a licensed venue with an officiant and prescribed wording. This seriously limits choices for engaged couples as to how they enter into their married life. In Scotland and Ireland couples can elect to have a humanist wedding but whilst…

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