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Askews Legal Website Cohabiting - Featured

Co-habiting and the importance of Wills

Lots of Weddings have been called off and postponed due to the pandemic but what happens if the unthinkable occurs and one of you passes away without making a Will? Unlike married couples, co-habitees have no automatic right to inherit from each other. Many are under the illusion that because they live together, are engaged,…

Divorce - what is a MIAM?

Divorce – What Is A MIAM And Do I Have To Attend One?

When people think of divorce lawyers, they often imagine people spending most of their day in the Family Court making brutal accusations against the other side’s marital behaviour in order to secure the greatest amount of property, spousal maintenance, and any other assets possible for their client.  Thankfully, despite what is portrayed on television, Family…

Askews-Legal-Website-Breastfeeding - Featured

National Breastfeeding Week

This year, England’s National Breastfeeding Week runs from 20 – 26th June and it is run by Public Health England. We have chosen to focus our attention on this from an employment perspective as employers have a critical role to play in offering support and encouragement to breastfeeding mothers. Breastfeeding needs to be seen as a normal part…

Askews Legal Website Clear Air - Featured

Your Rights To Light And Air Above And Around Your Property

Most of us take the right to light for granted…until it is suddenly obstructed.  And with 66 million souls living (and in some areas crammed) on an island almost three times smaller than Texas, it does not take much to trigger a property dispute regarding the right to light.  And when it comes to air…

Askews Legal Website Online Safety Bill - Featured

Three Key Provisions In The New Online Safety Bill 2021

The Government recently announced the tabling of the new Online Safety Bill 2021  (the Bill).  It is one of the biggest overhauls of internet law in the world, bringing legislation and criminal liability up to date with how the internet is used in the 2020s.  The government states the Bill is globally “groundbreaking” and that…

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