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Covid-19 shop compact

How has COVID-19 impacted the need for Commercial Space?

During the pandemic, people have discovered that they can be more productive at home and enjoy the freedom of a more relaxed schedule and very few openly mourn their morning commute therefore Covid 19 effect has accelerated the trend for home working. However, there are limitations to this where many businesses will still depend on face-to-face interaction. Businesses…

Leasing - Warehouse fulfilment

Leasing Warehouse/Fulfilment Space? Read This First

Global pandemics have traditionally accelerated societal change; the Black Death hastened the end of the feudal system (in England at least), and the influenza pandemic of 1917-1919 resulted in many countries, albeit slowly, embracing socialised medicine and free healthcare for all.  Coronavirus also looks set to result in significant long-term societal and economic changes, including…

Does the Coronavirus outbreak constitute ‘Force Majeure’?” is locked Does the Coronavirus outbreak constitute ‘Force Majeure’?

Does the Coronavirus outbreak constitute ‘Force Majeure’?

The recent outbreak of the Coronavirus has had considerable impact on the public life and business operations in and with China. As the outbreak does not show any sign of abating, companies which buy and sell goods in the Chinese market are considering using the legal defence of ‘force majeure’. What is Force Majeure? A…

Top Tips for small businesses

Askews top tips for new businesses

If you have a fledgling business idea, make sure you protect any intellectual property to avoid any potential negative impact. Ensure you have updated and robust procedures in place to deal with reporting and controls so that you have no surprises when your final accounts are produced! Check your Companies House records are up to…

Director Duties

Directors Duties – I’m expected to do what?!

Setting up a limited company, becoming a director and running a company is a big step in the world of business which carries a heavy weight in terms of responsibility. Directors are tasked with making decisions that align with the interests of the business. Failure to comply with the requirements of a director, as set…

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