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Conveyancing COVID-19 Guidance

Coronavirus (COVID-19) is having an impact across the whole home moving industry. You will find the process very different from the way it was before the government took steps to restrict transactions. Please familiarise yourself with the pan-industry consumer guidance. You may have already received this document from the estate agent or other property professional….

Desmond Higgins and the Commissioners for HMRC

Desmond Higgins and the Commissioners for Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs, [2019] EWCA Civ 1860. Capital Gains Tax (CTG) is always a factor to bear in mind when tax planning for a house purchase. In the case of Higgins v. HMRC, Higgins had purchased off-plan from a developer, exchanging in 2006 when the flat was…

Energy performance certificate

Do I need an Energy Performance Certificate for my Commercial Property?

An Energy Performance Certificate (EPC), rates how energy efficient a building is using a rating system of A-G (A being the most efficient a building can be). In most circumstances, an EPC will be required but there are exceptions to this. When do I need an EPC? You must have an EPC in the following…

Stamp Duty Land Tax

Here at Askews Legal LLP we have a team of dedicated residential conveyancing specialists to assist you with all your conveyancing needs. This article provides a brief explanation about Stamp Duty and how it works. Remember you should always obtain specialist tax advice from a qualified expert, such as an accountant or a specialist tax…

Community and what levy?

When buying property, you might come across the term Community Infrastructure Levy (“CIL”) that may be imposed. This is a levy imposed by the local authority on development in certain areas, which becomes a contribution towards funding the provision of infrastructure in the area. The purpose of CIL is to ensure that, with new developments…

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