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£260 Million of Fraud Unreported by SMEs

In a recent survey of 500 SMEs conducted by Slater and Gordon, the results showed nearly one in five (18 per cent) of business owners and managers whose companies were hit by scams admitted they did not alert authorities after unearthing suspicious or fraudulent activity. Two thirds (64 per cent) of those SMEs cited fear…

IT Boss Resorted to £300,000 Tax Fraud to Save Her Business

Small businesses are often like families and directors feel a very personal obligation towards their employees. However, in one striking case, a woman’s battle to keep her IT company afloat and her staff in work led to her imprisonment for tax fraud. The middle-aged woman told her employees that she was deducting Income Tax and…

Have you been bitten in the workplace?

For those of you who have children, we’ve all been there. Whichever playgroup you go to, there will always be one or two children that spoil it for others, whether it’s the tantrum toddler, the toy snatcher, or the bossy boisterous child. But there is one child above all others that no-one will tolerate (even…

Enforced data subject access requests are now unlawful

A new criminal offence has come in to force this month to prevent employers forcing job applicants and employees to reveal their criminal records history without going through the correct channels. The new offence aims to prevent what are known as “enforced subject access requests”. Under the Data Protection Act 1998, an individual has the…

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