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Home-working With Children

How should employers deal with employees wanting to work from home with their children following the school closures? Following the Government’s advice to close the schools and nurseries, it is clear that this will have a significant impact on businesses and employees alike. With many single parent families or families where both parents work, businesses…

Who should pay the lay advocate - featured image

Who pays the lay advocate?

In recent years, a common problem has arisen in family cases where one or more of the parties requires the assistance of an intermediary or lay advocate to help them understand the complex proceedings they are in. In a recent case before the High Court involving Askews Legal LLP’s own Mr James Lee, an important…

What is Parental Responsibility, who has it and how to obtain it

Parental Responsibility is a legal term which means: “all the rights, duties, powers, responsibilities and authority which by law a parent of a child has in relation to the child and his property.” Parental Responsibility bestows legal rights in respect of a child to an individual who can then make decisions in relation to schooling,…

Conduct and Cost Orders in Family Proceedings

The current court process for families to achieve a financial remedy order (a final order which sets out how the matrimonial assets should be shared during a divorce) follows the principle that there should be no cost orders awarded unless one party to the proceedings has behaved badly within those proceedings. Generally, bad behaviour would…

Grandparents – their rights and the wrongs

Despite what many people think, grandparents do not actually have the same legal rights for their grandchildren as the children’s parents. This news often comes as an unwelcome surprise, especially to grandparents who have been regularly involved in looking after their grandchildren. Sadly, the breakdown of the children’s parent’s relationship, or the intervention of social...

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