Home-Made Wills Save Money – Oh No They Don’t!

Home-made wills, executed without legal advice, are an exceedingly bad idea and if there was ever a case which proved the point it must be that of a woman who intended to leave her £1.8 million fortune to her best friend - but whose wishes were thwarted because her will was not properly witnessed. There...

Not Enough Money to Go Round after Divorce? Dependants Take Priority

In a large number of divorce cases in which there is insufficient money to go round, the courts will almost always prioritise the needs of dependants, particularly children. Exactly that happened in one case in which a wife who gave up her career to devote herself to childcare was awarded about 90 per cent of...

Divorce settlements

In a recent Court ruling, divorce settlements and ancillary relief matters will be affected in the way they have been previously calculated. Divorced women could claim maintenance from their former spouses so long as they had children up to the age of 18. However, this has now changed after a Court of Appeal decision, a...

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