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What Is Lexcel And How Does It Benefit Clients And Employees?

Law firms who have earned a Lexcel accreditation proudly display it on their websites and other marketing material. However, most consumers of legal services have little or no idea as to what a Lexcel accreditation means for them. Why choose a firm with Lexcel? Will I get better service? Are the Solicitors better quality? This…

Askews Legal Website Online Safety Bill - Featured

Three Key Provisions In The New Online Safety Bill 2021

The Government recently announced the tabling of the new Online Safety Bill 2021  (the Bill).  It is one of the biggest overhauls of internet law in the world, bringing legislation and criminal liability up to date with how the internet is used in the 2020s.  The government states the Bill is globally “groundbreaking” and that…

Askews Legal Website Emerging from Lockdown - Featured

Emerging from lockdown: important considerations

As we emerge from lockdown and as some employees begin to return to their places of work, there are many considerations to be had for employers. Whilst the below is not exhaustive, it does provide some pointers and food for thought.  Your employees’ vaccination status There is much to think about here, both from a…

Askews Legal Website How Safe Are Electric Cars - Featured

How Safe Are Electric And Self-Driving Cars?

In late April, Boris Johnson upped the stakes on meeting climate change targets.  Two days before addressing 40 world leaders at Joe Biden’s climate summit, the British Prime Minister announced a new carbon target: by 2035, the UK would cut its carbon emissions by 78 per cent, compared with 1990 levels. Not only is this…

Struggling Commercial Property Landlords Post

Options For Struggling Commercial Property Landlords

Throughout the three Coronavirus lockdowns and the severe trading restrictions of the past 13 months, business owners have received a good deal of coverage regarding the financial, professional, and personal cost they continue to suffer.  Less visible, and perhaps garnering less sympathy are the landlords of these businesses, who, following the plummeting of retail and…

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