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Askews Legal Website Update your Will - Featured

Update your Will!

It is often the case that a Will is prepared, put away and forgotten about. However, it is of the up most importance to keep such a document under review. As has been widely reported in the media, Tamzin Outhwaite the former EastEnders star, has recently urged her fans to update their Wills, having not…

Power of Attorney - Featured

Modernising the Power of Attorney system

The BBC recently reported that Ministers plan to overhaul the legal process where individuals appoint someone to make decisions on their behalf in relation to property, finances, health and welfare, should they lose the ability to make those decisions themselves. This is welcome news to both professionals and clients alike, given the current registration process…

Askews Legal Website Cohabiting - Featured

Co-habiting and the importance of Wills

Lots of Weddings have been called off and postponed due to the pandemic but what happens if the unthinkable occurs and one of you passes away without making a Will? Unlike married couples, co-habitees have no automatic right to inherit from each other. Many are under the illusion that because they live together, are engaged,…

Askews Legal Website Common Problems with DIY - Post

Common Problems With DIY Probate

If you have been appointed an Executor, or if the deceased died intestate, an Administrator, the process of obtaining Probate may seem, at first glance, relatively simple.  And it sometimes is.  For estates valued at £5,000 or less, a Solicitor does not normally need to be involved.  However, thanks to the exponential rise in house…

Home-Made Wills Save Money – Oh No They Don’t!

Home-made wills, executed without legal advice, are an exceedingly bad idea and if there was ever a case which proved the point it must be that of a woman who intended to leave her £1.8 million fortune to her best friend – but whose wishes were thwarted because her will was not properly witnessed. There…

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