Home-Made Wills Save Money – Oh No They Don’t!

Home-made wills, executed without legal advice, are an exceedingly bad idea and if there was ever a case which proved the point it must be that of a woman who intended to leave her £1.8 million fortune to her best friend - but whose wishes were thwarted because her will was not properly witnessed. There...

High Court Bends Over Backwards to Resolve Family Will Dispute

Newspaper columns are full of legal cases with crushing costs of litigation and it is easy to lose sight of the fact that it is the role of judges to resolve disputes as efficiently and cheaply as possible. In a recent case (Seals and Another V Williams; CHD 15 MAY 2015) the High Court has...

Get your will right

A recent court ruling will have a major impact in the way future wills are written. A judge has ruled that your will can be ignored if it has not been drafted correctly. To avoid this happening to you, please contact one of our specialist legal will writers. For more information on the article please...

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