Home-working With Children

How should employers deal with employees wanting to work from home with their children following the school closures? Following the Government’s advice to close the schools and nurseries, it is clear that this will have a significant impact on businesses and employees alike. With many single parent families or families where both parents work, businesses…

Who should pay the lay advocate - featured image

Who pays the lay advocate?

In recent years, a common problem has arisen in family cases where one or more of the parties requires the assistance of an intermediary or lay advocate to help them understand the complex proceedings they are in. In a recent case before the High Court involving Askews Legal LLP’s own Mr James Lee, an important…

Does the Coronavirus outbreak constitute ‘Force Majeure’?” is locked Does the Coronavirus outbreak constitute ‘Force Majeure’?

Does the Coronavirus outbreak constitute ‘Force Majeure’?

The recent outbreak of the Coronavirus has had considerable impact on the public life and business operations in and with China. As the outbreak does not show any sign of abating, companies which buy and sell goods in the Chinese market are considering using the legal defence of ‘force majeure’. What is Force Majeure? A…

Top Tips for small businesses

Askews top tips for new businesses

If you have a fledgling business idea, make sure you protect any intellectual property to avoid any potential negative impact. Ensure you have updated and robust procedures in place to deal with reporting and controls so that you have no surprises when your final accounts are produced! Check your Companies House records are up to…

How should employers deal with COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

How should employers deal with COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

The government publishes daily updates at 2pm with the latest stats and advice. The risk level is currently identified as moderate. How can I reduce the risk to my employees? You should send round an email/guidance encouraging employees to be extra-vigilant with washing their hands, using and disposing of tissues and ensure that all your…

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