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Child Arrangements in the time of COVID

Managing child arrangements is difficult enough for separated parents, but now COVID19 adds a major complication to the mix. What to do during lockdowns, tier restrictions and self-isolation is a minefield for parents trying to follow the rules but also an opportunity for parents not fully committed to an existing arrangement or order to try…


National Minimum Wage – inadvertent breaches are easier than you think!

The National Minimum Wage (NMW) was introduced in April 1999 as a way of tackling poverty. Although the run up to its introduction was not uncontroversial, it is now a vital part of employment law and any breach, for whatever reason, is wholly unacceptable. When considered in this context, it makes it all the more…

The vaccine dilemma…a case of be injected or be dismissed..?

The vaccine dilemma…a case of be injected or be dismissed..?

As with everything related to coronavirus, there is a lot that remains unknown. So, what are the potential repercussions for an employee who refuses to have the coronavirus vaccine despite being asked to by their employer? The position is, perhaps surprisingly, relatively simple. The reality is that employers can dismiss any employee that they want…


We approach that time of the year when ordinarily, staff would let their hair down at their annual Christmas party. Whilst the usual highlight of the year may well be a virtual party or Christmas quiz on this occasion, it is still a good opportunity to remind Employers that they owe a duty of care…

The Art of Selling Property

The secret street artist known as “Banksy” has hit the headlines again having confirmed that he is behind the artwork entitled “Aachoo!”, which appeared overnight on the side of a house in Totterdown, Bristol. What Banksy may not have been aware of as he executed his latest piece of socio-political commentary is that the house…

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