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A day in a Conveyancer’s world!

A day in a Conveyancer’s world! This is how my day commences from when I log onto my computer first thing in the morning. Many people do not quite understand the work that we undertake on behalf of our clients, the mortgage company and the Estate Agents. Conveyancers now receive the vast majority of their…

Askews Legal Website Update your Will - Featured

Update your Will!

It is often the case that a Will is prepared, put away and forgotten about. However, it is of the up most importance to keep such a document under review. As has been widely reported in the media, Tamzin Outhwaite the former EastEnders star, has recently urged her fans to update their Wills, having not…

Covid-19 shop compact

How has COVID-19 impacted the need for Commercial Space?

During the pandemic, people have discovered that they can be more productive at home and enjoy the freedom of a more relaxed schedule and very few openly mourn their morning commute therefore Covid 19 effect has accelerated the trend for home working. However, there are limitations to this where many businesses will still depend on face-to-face interaction. Businesses…

Power of Attorney - Featured

Modernising the Power of Attorney system

The BBC recently reported that Ministers plan to overhaul the legal process where individuals appoint someone to make decisions on their behalf in relation to property, finances, health and welfare, should they lose the ability to make those decisions themselves. This is welcome news to both professionals and clients alike, given the current registration process…

Askews Legal Website Ransomware - Post

A Business Owner’s Liability In A Ransomware Attack

In the first week of July, affiliates of the Russian hacker group REvil infiltrated Kaseya, a Florida-based international technology firm, seizing a wealth of data and demanding £70 million for its return.  It has been confirmed  as the biggest global ransomware attack in history, affecting around 2000 SMEs, local and state government agencies from the…

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