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Commercial Litigation

You work in a commercial environment. If you, and your business are lucky, you will not very often encounter the need to engage the services of a solicitor. However, the environment in which you work in is likely to be very competitive, increasing the risk for fall out and dispute. The environment in which you work in is likely to be highly contractual in nature, increasing the risk of contractual breaches and disputes.

Here at Askews Legal LLP we have a team of highly experienced lawyers on hand ready to assist you in a wide variety of situations that your company may find itself in. All of our lawyers are commercially minded and understand that factors that have likely brought you to instructing us. They understand that any resolution to your dispute ought to have a sound commercial basis. There is little point in spending tens of thousands of pounds, for example, in pursuing a debt against a company if there is no chance in recovering even a single penny.

We offer sound, effective and useful advice and representation with a view of achieving the best commercial outcome for you and your business. Below are just some of the areas in which we are able to assist.

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Our commercial litigation services:

Here at Askews Legal LLP we understand that risks associated with the constructions process and the disruption those risks can cause. We are therefore well equipped to advise as to the best way in which to minimise those risks and, if necessary, to resolve those risks when they occur. We are experienced in advising and representing business and individuals in most areas of building and constructions disputes, including, but not limited to:

Contract interpretation and formation;
The various Pre-Action Protocols;
Issuing/Defending proceedings in the County and High Courts;
Instructing experts;
ADR – including mediation;
Professional negligence;
Disputes with neighbours.

You were probably signed up to lots of contracts over the years and, most, will be performed without issue. However, on rare occasions, you may experience some difficulty. This could arise in a number of ways, the other side may refuse to honour their side of the contract, an invoice arising from the contract may not be paid, you may consider that a term of the contract is unfair or unreasonable (to name but a few).

Here at Askews Legal LLP our expert team are on hand to assist. We offer cost effective and tailored advice in the following areas:

Contract formation/interpretation;
Enforcement of contract;
Sale of Goods and Supply of Services;
Guarantees and Indemnities
Business Sale/Purchases
Shareholder Agreements;
Shareholder Disputes;
Confidentiality and Trust;

Whilst the issue of proceedings should always be a last resort (here at Askews Legal LLP we will always advise you of the options available to you prior to Court proceedings), sometimes, even with the best will in the world, it is just necessary to issue proceedings in the Courts to resolve a dispute, whether that be a breach of contract or an unpaid invoice. We are highly experienced in all aspects of the litigation process and the issue/defence of claims in all Courts within the civil jurisdictions. In particular we are able to offer expert advice on the following:

ADR – including negotiations/mediation at the outset and throughout;
Claims issues on the Small Claims Track, Fast Track and Multi Track (depending on value and complexity);
Relevant Pre-Action Protocols;
Instructing Counsel as appropriate;
Issue of proceedings;
Inter Proceedings Applications;


Our team of experts understand the stresses that the process can place on business and individuals (both financial and emotional) and are on hand to offer practical, business focussed, advice throughout the process.

Here at Askews Legal LLP our experience tells us that running a business can be hard and sometimes the plans you have set in motion do not pan out. The process of closing down a business can be stressful and likely a step that you do not want to take. We can assist in that process to alleviate the stress and, hopefully, avoid your business falling to insolvency.

Similarly, we understand that devastated impact that a company going into insolvency whilst owing you money can have on your business, but all is not lost and there may still be action that can be taken to achieve the best from a bad situation. Our expert advisors can assist in the following matters;

Advising as to most effective options;
Impact of insolvency;
Company Winding Up/Petitions;

Usually the relationship between a Landlord and a Tenant is a positive one. However, sometimes that relationship can breakdown, for a variety of reason. We have extensive experience of acting for both Landlord and Tenant in a whole variety of disputes relating to both Commercial and Residential properties. We list below just some of the matters in which are experienced team are able to assist:

Lease renewals;
Lease terminations, including:
Service of Notices
Possession Claims;
Unlawful evictions;
Dilapidations and Disrepair;
Rent Reviews.

Here at Askews Legal LLP our lawyers are experienced in offering advice and representation in all areas of partnership or LLP (Limited Liability Partnership) disputes. We understand that such disputes can lead to significant disruption for your business and can arise as a result of a long standing and deep rooted issue. We appreciate that such disputes need to be handled with care to ensure that business, and the Partners involved, are best served.

The types of matters we can assist with are:

Advising on rights and responsibilities;
Liabilities of partners;
Retirement or expulsion from a partnership or LLP;
Dissolution and Winding Up.

You will frequently instruct a professional advisor to assist you and you will, no doubt, trust that advisor to act with the appropriate level of level of care and expertise. Unfortunately, those professionals are human and, on rare occasions may get things wrong resulting in you suffering a loss or an adverse consequence as a result.

Our expert advisors may be able to assist in  such cases and have experience in pursuing actions against solicitors, barristers, accountants, surveyors and professional bodies to name but a few.

Thankfully, property purchases and matter relating to property ownership and leasing are usually straightforward and without conflict. However, on occasion, this is not the case. Here at Askews Legal LLP we understand that disputes involving properties will have implications for the businesses involved. Our expert team are on hand to advise you in connection with a variety of matters including:

Purchase/Sale Disputes;
Landlord and Tenant Disputes;
Boundary Disputes;
Shared Ownership;
Easements and Covenants;
Insurance matters;
Planning and Development.

We understand that disputes between shareholders and people involved in the running of a business can have a detrimental impact on the performance of your business. They often will need to be resolved quickly and with as little disruption as possible. Here at Askews Legal LLP we have a wealth of experience in achieving the best outcomes for business to ensure minimal disruption whilst achieving the best outcomes for those involved.

Thankfully, we now operate in a system of justice that encourages parties to exhaust alternative methods for resolving disputes before issuing, potentially, expensive proceedings in the Court. Here at Askews Legal LLP we will advise you of all options available to you and in particular options that are most suited to you or your business. We are experienced at negotiating and settling disputes of all types and regularly arrange and attend mediation appointments.

Contact us for more specific advice from an experienced litigation Solicitor in Coventry to see how we can assist you settle your dispute.

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