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Terrorism offences can be brought under The Terrorism Act 2000, The Anti Terrorism, The Crime and Security Act 2001, the Prevention of Terrorism Act 2005, The Terrorism Act 2006 and the Counter Terrorism Act 2008.

The offence of terrorism is defined under The Terrorism Act 2000 and involves the use or threat of action where the action involves violence against the person, damage to property, endangers a persons life, creates risk to public, health or safety or is designed to interfere with or seriously disrupt an electronic system. The use or threat is designed to influence the Government, intimidate the public and the use or threat is made for the purpose of advancing a political religion or ideological cause. If firearms or explosives are involved, there is no requirement that the use or threat is intended to influence the Government or intimidate the public.

Typical offences include the following:

  • Preparing for acts of terrorism
  • Training for terrorism
  • Dissemination of terrorist publications
  • Possessing information for terrorist purposes
  • Fund raising for terrorism
  • Failure to disclose information which might be of assistance in preventing an act of terrorism
  • Conspiracy to murder
  • Conspiracy to cause explosives

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