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Employment Response is a monthly subscription service for the small business owner

  • Do you find it hard to run your business and deal with all of the employment law issues which arise?
  • Do you wish you could just call a solicitor who knows your business and quickly find out the answer you need?
  • Would you like certainty about how much the advice will cost and not be tied into long contracts?
  • Would it help if you could access all your documentation and staff records online?
  • If you have made a mistake would you like to know that your insurance policy will still cover you?


Employers are legally required to provide to its employees a written statement of employment particulars within 2 months of starting employment. Failure to provide a written statement may result in an employee making a complaint to an Employment Tribunal.

It is advisable for those written particulars to be in the form of a  contract of employment Which may also contain additional provisions governing the terms of the relationship between the employee and employer.An employer may also require:

  • Casual worker agreements.
  • Self-employed contracts/consultancy agreements
  • Directors’ service agreements. 

Employee/Staff Handbook

Whether you employ 1 or 100 employees it is advisable to have an employee/staff handbook which contains all of your policies and procedures. This will enable you to inform your employees of what you expect from them and the consequences, should they act in a manner which is inconsistent with your expectations. It will also act as a reference guide for your employees where they can obtain information without the need to ask you directly, for example, how to book holiday, how to report sickness absence, how to raise a grievance etc.

We will not draft you a standard or generic employee/staff handbook. We take the time to understand your business and what you require, whilst advising you on the legal minimum requirement and industry standards. The handbook is tailored to you and your business.

Would you like a complimentary HR audit?

Employment law is volatile. It changes regularly and it sometimes unpredictable. Just email us your current contract of employment and staff/employee handbook and we will undertake a review entirely free of charge.

We will send you a report setting out our recommendations, highlighting any areas where the documents don’t meet current employment legislation.

Just email your employee contract to enquiries@askewslegal.co.

Easy to use HR software

Our new software comprises all the online tools your business needs to effectively manage HR and dramatically reduce the internal time your staff spend on HR admin. Our software:

  • Is safe and secure – your employee data is kept far safer than if it were in a filing cabinet.
  • Is intuitive – the system is remarkably easy-to-use for all levels of staff.
  • Saves you time – our software cuts down your admin time – from logging and approving holidays, managing sickness and appraisals, reminding you of key dates and so much more.
  • Engages employees – investing in your employees wellbeing at work and being transparent about their benefits is proven to dramatically increase engagement.
  • Has human support – we have Admin access to your account with a birds-eye view of your HR activity to provide help as and when needed.

Key software features:

Ditch the spreadsheets and manage every aspect of HR at the touch of a button (and on the move from your mobile) with our new HR software system:

  • Approve and monitor holiday
  • Record working time and calculate wages
  • Allocate time and staff expenses to clients/projects/activities
  • Store and access your employee data at the touch of a button
  • Manage appraisals and motivate employees
  • Manage from your mobile
  • Send a text message or email to your whole team
  • Never miss a key date again with our handy reminders
  • Quickly access key information and gain insight from our Reports

Staff handbook

The portal allows you to store your staff handbook and any separate operations manual or policies and procedures to enable quick and easy access.

Holidays and absence

The portal allows employees to submit holiday requests for approval. They can also request dependant’s leave, unpaid leave, home working or training. You will be notified that a request is pending and the employee will be notified when their request is approved/rejected.

Employee movements

The Portal provides a weekly/monthly calendar to show where your employees are at all times. You will be able to see who is off sick, who is on holiday, who is on maternity leave or who is working from home on any given day of the week.

Reminders and warnings

The Portal reminds you of key dates such as birthdays, end of probation periods, completion of 2 years’ employment, imminent work permit or certificate expiries. You will also get notifications if any member of staff is earning below National Minimum Wage, which can easily happen when an apprentice/younger member of staff has a birthday.

Employee performance and development

Our online appraisal system manages the appraisal process for you. It reminds both the manager and the employee when the appraisal is due and the requirement to complete the appraisal forms. You can customise the questions to suit your business. The portal can be used to log KPI’s, training records/CPD and store certificates.

Staff expenses

Our expenses system lets your staff quickly and easily fill in an expense claim from their smartphone or computer. They can easily upload pictures of receipts to attach to each claim, and they can charge the expense to a project/client or code. You can then approve or reject the expenses online and a record of the expense claim is maintained.


The portal enables you to send an email or SMS text message to members of staff. You can also add file notes to employees’ profiles.

Time tracking and billing

You can record the time you work on a project or activity by using the built in stopwatch feature and then assign that time to a project/client/activity. This function can also be used when engaging self-employed contractors, agency workers or locums. The portal enables you to record TOIL or overtime.


Our portal offers a number of standard reports such as Payroll reporting, absence, staff turnover etc. You can also create your own reports that can be viewed on screen, or exported/saved as a PDF or .CSV file.

Health and safety

Our software stores details of all key Health & Safety roles and employees can use the system to see who the H&S officers are or the location of the First Aid kit.

Mobile-ready to use on the go

Our software is built to work well on mobile devices whether it’s a tablet or a smartphone, so you and your staff can use all of the software features when you are out and about.

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